"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,we borrow it from our children"   

About Us:

We like to keep it simple- we manufacture and supply bags- we manufacture and supply only eco friendly bags.

We cater to both domestic and International market. We derive our name from the two most affected entities because of our usage of plastic bags- the aquatic animals (aqua) and the trees (earth).

We don't claim that we are the pioneers in this field and we are the top most, leading, India's number one etc etc.We are new comers, young ,entrepreneurial ,professionals with strong academic background who have the high energy levels to face the challenges this field poses.
We are not a part of any multi million or rich family run business, every penny put in this venture is our own hard earned money so, we know the value of 'customers' and importance of this venture. The extensive travel and knowledge that we gained in the field of eco-friendly bag making we have started our own manufacturing unit in South Tamilnadu.