Our goal,focus, vision,mission is all simple-

  • Make only eco-friendly Bags
  • Make it affordable to common man

As we said we manufacture only eco-friendly bags and keep improvising on the same. We have not and do not intend to diversify. Diversification gives good profit but we want to be focused on our core competency of bag making. We want to be number one eco friendly bag manufacturers in the world.

We understand that the major constraint that people face in shifting to eco-friendly bags from plastic bags is “cost”,we are working on all the areas of bag making so that we integrate it altogether and pass on this cost benefit to customer.

We plan to extend our manufacturing units to 6 regions across India ,so that the cost of transportation can be saved and it can be passed on to the customer. These manufacturing units will generate employment to local people in that area. With substantial cost cutting measures we will make India as no plastic zone- after all, we all want to gift the purity and the beauty of our earth to our children.

Our bags:

“Trifle things make perfection, but; perfection is no trifle”

We can proudly say that the best of our efforts goes into the art of bag making. From our extensive travel ,we were surprised that many people just consider this as a simple use and throw bag making and do not give importance to minute details.As a matter of fact many purchase managers in well known entities did not know the difference till we explained it.We consider this as “Art of Bag Making” .We give the same effort that a gold smith gives to make a beautiful piece of jewellery.Our bags are made with top quality raw materials sourced at origin.

We are in the process of planting trees just to make sure for every paper we sell the environment is not disturbed.

Since the industry is not organized we apply all the academic knowledge we learned (all the Jargons –Optimisation,ABC costing,JIT,Kaizen,Parallel processing etc etc are finally being used ).We are in the process of making this industry highly productive, quality conscious and optimized. The problem of scalability is still being addressed though that poses a major challenge.